Thursday, June 30, 2011

Happy Birthday To WANDA

FOUR TEXAS BEAUTIES. In order from windshield to bumper - my cutie-pie mom, next is her aunt Retha, next is my mom's pretty sister Vila, and the dark-haired beauty on the bumper is my mom's sister Dorothy. I love this photograph. It was taken in the late 1940's somewhere around Rusk, Texas.
My mom having big fun in New York City with my Dad without us brats. Next - On vacation in Colorado, 1970. Me, my mom and my three goofy brothers. Happy Birthday.

Happy Trails To You!

This contest appeared in the San Antonio Light newspaper in May of 1955. First prize was a German Shepard puppy from Roy's dog, Bullet, and 2 tickets to the Rodeo.

A paper doll book of Roy, Dale and Gabby by Charlotte Whatley. My mom purchased this paper doll book in 1983 from the artist.

A reproduction of the Whitman paper doll book that came out in 1950. The reproduction is from 2001, Roy Rogers & Dale Evans Museum.

Roy Rogers and Dale Evans have always been two of my mothers favorite people.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Can You Find The Twins? Contest, 1928

This contest appeared in many newspapers across the country. The above is from January 09, 1928.

Lima's Paper Doll Gift, 1970

This paper doll appeared in the Lima News on April 30, 1970.

Birthday Girl Paper Doll Greetings Card

Tomorrow is my mom's birthday. I have a feeling Roy and Dale will be making an appearance. This birthday card is from Carlton Cards, Inc., Dallas, Texas - 1987. The artist is Jill Wright.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Ted E. Bear Paper Doll, 1935

Cute bear paper doll by A. W. Nugent from April 21, 1935.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Marge, Olga and Jerry from Aunt Elsie Club Members, 1933

By Mercedes Moniz, age 15. Mercedes contributed many lovely paper dolls. MARGE And Part Of Her Summer Wardrobe paperdoll from August 27, 1933.

By Helen Saunders, age 15. OLGA From Russia paper doll from April 30, 1933.

By Evelyn Cooley, age 13. JERRY paper doll from March 26, 1933.

Thursday, June 23, 2011


This contest appeared in the Idaho State Journal on February 15, 1950. Winners won Norge Brand appliances.

What Kind Of Hair Do I Want Lesley To Have?

From U. S. Catholic of February 1995. What kind of hair do I want Lesley to have?

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tippi Hedren for Coppertone, 1967

This ad is from the Ladies Home Journal Magazine, June 1967. When I see Tippi Hedren I always think of Hitchcock's THE BIRDS. This is a pretty ad with a pretty actress.

See Why Saucy Susan Smiles! 1943

This connect-the-dots ad appeared in a Massachusetts newspaper on August 25, 1943. "It just so happens that I'm a girl of taste which is why I'm crazy about Hood's Milk Sherbert. On a hot summer afternoon nothing tastes so good as a Sherbert cone, whether it's orange or strawberry or lemon." So says Saucy Susan. The ad is for H. P. HOODS & Sons Ice Cream.

Cut Out for Summer Week-Ends, 1958

This ad appeared in newspapers on May 24, 1958. Get out your crayons, paints or colored pencils and have fun adding color to this summer wardrobe.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Great Grampa Peace by Helen McCook

Another Peace Family Paper Doll by Helen McCook. From August 15, 1974. Another 100 degree day and still praying for rain.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Kissin' Cousin Mary Jane by Helen McCook

Yesterday I found three newspaper paper dolls by Helen McCook. This is Kissin' Cousin Mary Jane, a member of the Peace Doll Family. I found the paper dolls in two different Pennsylvanian newspapers. Mary Jane is from August 15, 1974.

Happy Father's Day

I have very few men paper dolls. These two magazine paper dolls are from an article titled "Boy Toys". There are two other paper dolls from the article but they are a little too racy for my blog (yes, I am very square).

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Paper Doll Family Ad, 1924

This ad appeared in The Bridgeport Telegraph on February 09, 1924. " Paper Doll Family Free. A different one each week with the New York Sunday WORLD." Six different paper dolls - Polly DressUp, Betty Gadabout, Willie Wideawake, Miss Uptodate, Alice Busybee and Neddie Neverstill.

MODISH MITZI - January 29, 1927

From The Galveston Daily newspaper, January 29, 1927.

Friday, June 17, 2011

SUPERDAD Movie Coloring Contest, 1974

This movie coloring contest appeared in the Brandon Sun newspaper on July 13, 1974. SUPERDAD starred Bob Crane, Kurt Russell, Barbara Rush, Joe Flynn, Kathleen Cody, Dick Van Patton, Joby Baker, Bruno Kirby Jr. and Ed Begley Jr. The Leonard Maltin Movie & Video Guide rates this Disney movie as a Bomb. Yikes, that's bad.

Father's Day Contest, 1960

"KIDS. . . win a ticket to the White Sox ballgame. Enter the "Draw Your Dad" Contest! It's easy and lots of fun! Tickets to the White Sox game given to 200 lucky winners. Here's an outline of a man. Try to draw in your dad's face. He's holding a pipe in his hand - you draw his hands. Now color his suit or make it a sport coat and slacks. Fill in the color in his hat, tie, shirt, socks and shoes. Bring your completed picture to the Plaza office." This newspaper contest appeared in the Economist on June 15, 1960.

Frances Paper Doll from Wee Wisdom Magazine

Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Duchess of Denver and Miss Climpson Paper Dolls by Jane Langton

Two more paper dolls from "A Peek In The Sayers Closet" by Jane Langton.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Lord Peter Wimsey's Girlfriend

For all you mystery lovers - a Harriet Vane paper doll. Dorothy L. Sayers, one of my favorites, penned the terrific Lord Peter Wimsey mystery series and this is his girlfriend as a paper doll. I found this paper doll in a book about mystery writers. Jane Langton created the Harriet Vane paper doll. Tomorrow I will post the Duchess and Miss Climpson, also from the Lord Peter Wimsey series. I bought the book from, yep, Half-Price Books.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Mickey Mouse and Clara Bow Twins, 1931

From January 25, 1931. "Of course, you've watched the funny screen capers of Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse who has climbed the steps to "movie" fame in Columbia Pictures. Recently, Mickey Mouse was acclaimed one of the world's most popular movie features. His name and fame are spreading everywhere as more and more movie fans get to know him." Can You Find The Twins?

From March 15, 1931. "Here are 12 pictures of Clara Bow, the great Paramount Movie Star. Look at these pictures carefully. At first they all look alike - but that's the "catch" - so study them closely - do not make a mistake. Follow the clues."

Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Witch Cave Baby paper doll appeared in the Tribune on September 17, 1922.

Walking Fritz, A Paper Doll - 1928

This paper doll by Vera L. Reusch, age 15, appeared in the Tribune on March 25, 1928.

FRECKLES PHILCO - A Counting Contest, 1959

This "Count The Freckles" contest appeared in many newspapers. From The Kingsport Times, February 18, 1959.

Dallasandra, the Neiman-Marcus Paper Doll, 1963

The Dallasandra paper doll appeared in many newspaper ads for Neiman-Marcus. Dallasandra Thinks The Shift Is Cut-Out For School appeared in the Dallas Morning News on July 16, 1963.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

New Brownie Uniforms Paper Doll, 1974

This paper doll appeared in newspapers on March 12, 1974. "NEW BROWNIE UNIFORMS. Though the old Girl Scout uniform is still good, be on the lookout for the new ones, too! Why not cut and color this Brownie paper doll!"