Monday, November 5, 2012


November 14, 1965.

The Fairy Princess

January 11, 1958.  FAIRY PRINCESS' WARDROBE, another charming paper doll by Emma C. McKean.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

This is CHRISTmas

December 02, 1980.


 October 20, 1946.  BOOTS and her harem pants.
October 27, 1946.  BOOTS powdering her nose.  Many thanks to Edgar Martin.

TURKEY Curriculum Guide

 Letter to the students from President George H. W. Bush.

1994.  A Curriculum Guide prepared for the Education Program of The 1995 Houston International Festival celebrating the Country of Turkey.  The above are just a couple of the many activities for Elementary School students found in this guide to teach the children about the Turkish people. - - - THE AMAZING RACE goes to Turkey tonight.  My all-time favorite T.V. show!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

A Minature Dog Kennel

April 05, 1903.  THE FARM, Number Two - A Minature Dog Kennel.  A fun cut-out series from 1903.  I do not know how many cut-outs were in the series - I have six.

November is BOOTS Month

 August 31, 1947.
July 27, 1947.  November is BOOTS month on my blog.  It is my birthday month (unfortunately my birthday falls on Thanksgiving Day this year) and BOOTS is my favorite paper doll.  Many thanks to Edgar Martin.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Lovely Miss BOOTS

March 21, 1932.  I may have posted this BOOTS already - not sure.  My blog is giving me trouble!!

MOX, The Wonder Ointment

October 07, 1928.  "How many jars of MOX are sold daily?  10 Miles to MOX LABORATORIES of CANADA."  Add-Up the numbers in this newspaper ad and see just how many jars of the wonder ointment were sold each day.  Is there still a MOX Laboratory in Canada?  From a Winnipeg newspaper.

CALAMITY JANE Movie Coloring Contest

November 13, 1953.  Yahoo!!  This is one of my favorite movies!!  CALAMITY JANE starring  the wonderful DORIS DAY and the hunky, hunky HOWARD KEEL.  It also starred Allyn McLerie, Philip Carey, Gale Robbins, Dick Wesson and Paul Harvey.  " Doris is irresistible as the bombastic, rootin'-tootin' title character in this lively musical with Keel as Wild Bill Hickok, who only begins to realize his feelings for her when she makes a stab at becoming more "feminine".  Sammy Fain-Paul Francis Webster score includes the Oscar-winning SECRET LOVE." from Leonard Maltin's Movie Guide.  Doris Day is from the generation
of movie actresses that could do it all - sing, dance, act in comedy or drama.  She is absolutely terrific as Calamity Jane.