Sunday, April 18, 2010

MASTER OF THE WORLD Movie Coloring Contest, 1961

Kids could win tickets to see the movie "Master Of The World" by entering this newspaper coloring contest. The movie starred Vincent Price, Charles Bronson, Mary Webster, Henry Hull and Richard Harrison. The movie story was adapted from two novels by Jules Verne. The movie was released in 1961 and received good reviews. Director was William Witney with screenplay by Richard Matheson.

Prize Winning Paper Dolls from Aunt Elsie, 1927

The Aunt Elsie Magazine of the Oakland Tribune held a paper doll contest every week for over 30 years. Readers of Aunt Elsie could enter paper dolls that they had drawn theirselves and try to win a prize. These four examples of prize winning paper dolls are from 1927.

Friday, April 16, 2010

40 POUNDS OF TROUBLE Movie Coloring Contest, 1963

A newspaper movie coloring contest for "40 Pounds of Trouble". The movie starred Tony Curtis and Suzanne Pleshette. I have never seen this movie. The contest ran in February of 1963.

MARY POPPINS Movie Coloring Contest, 1965

A very cute newspaper coloring contest from 1965 that gave children a chance to win tickets to see the movie "Mary Poppins". Dick Van Dyke is terrific in this movie.

BOOTS Paper Dolls

The first Boots paper doll is from 1938 and the last three are from 1953. Many thanks to Edgar Martin.