Thursday, March 31, 2011

Little Sally Sleepyhead, 1925

LITTLE SALLY SLEEPYHEAD. "To make a real doll house toy of sleepy little Sally, paste these pictures on heavy paper and cut them out. Color the pictures with crayons or water colors to make them very dainty and pretty." This cut-out appeared in the Tribune on April 05, 1925.

A Rabbit A Day

BUNNY'S TROUBLES. "Here is a lively new game for the News boys and girls, something like the donkey game, excepting that "Bunny" has lost one his ears instead of his tail, as the donkey did." This cut-out game appeared in newspapers in 1902.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST from Modern Fairy Tale Cutouts

"The beastie was really a prince in disguise/ Who turned out to be very gentle and wise;/ If you judge other folks in a tolerant way/ You will find that the same thing can happen today." This little beastie paper doll appeared in newspapers in March of 1941.
"The beauty was kind, and her kisses released/ The prince from the spell that had made him a beast;/ In those times a beast was lucky, some ways - But beauties don't bother with beasts nowadays!" This Beauty paper doll appeared in newspapers on March 30, 1941. Modern Fairy Tale Cutouts was a paper doll series by Addie R. Woodruff that ran in many newspapers. Get out your crayons or colored pencils and make Beauty a real beauty.

A Rabbit A Day . . . and a Chicken and a Duck and a Cat

"An EASTER parade to color, cut out, paste and stand." This cut-out by A. W. Nugent appeared in newspapers on April 16, 1933.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

CHERYL and her Easter Wardrobe, 1933

Mercedes Moniz was a member of the Aunt Elsie Paper Doll Club. This young lady had a lot of talent in drawing paper dolls. Cheryl and her Easter Wardrobe appeared in the Tribune on April 16, 1933.

A Rabbit A Day

Rabbit paper dolls by Carol Peters from National Doll World magazine, March/April 1979. Thanks mom.

Monday, March 28, 2011

An Easter Greeting Card for You to Color, 1924

"The Easter Greeting Card above which shows the old favorite custom of having a colored egg hunt on Easter morning will be a very nice remembrance for one of your friends if you mount and color it. Cut it out, then paste it on cardboard the same size. When you color press lightly on your crayons so the colors will be dainty. Make the small flowers in the corners pale pink and blue with green stems. Make the ground in the picture green and the sky light blue. The little girl in the fore-ground has a lavender dress. The flowers in her hair should be lavender and yellow. Then color the dress of the little girl in the distance pink. The boy with her should be given a yellow suit. Make the baskets brown and the eggs all sorts of gay colors." This Easter card was designed by Lillian Brown and appeared in newspapers in April of 1924.

RALPH Paper Doll by Laura R. Brock, 1934

RALPH. "With bunny rabbit's assistance, Ralph has been up bright and early getting the eggs colored and ready for the Doll Family's annual Easter egg hunt. After which he is all set to don that snappy new spring outfit and give the girls a treat." This paper doll appeared in newspapers on April 01, 1934 and is from the Laura R. Brock newspaper paper doll series.

A RABBIT A DAY . . . or whenever!

COTTONTAIL CUTOUTS. Cute rabbit family paper dolls by Amy Albert Bloom. I do not know the name of the magazine these paper dolls came from. Thanks mom.
A very nice Easter coloring contest conducted by Van De Kamp's Coffee Shops. The desserts look quite tasty. The contest appeared in newspapers in April of 1963.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Aunt March and Mr. March Paper Dolls

Aunt March and Mr. March paper dolls, the last cutouts of the "Little Women" series by Dorothy Wagstaff that appeared in Wee Wisdom magazine. Thanks mom.

A Rabbit A Day . . . or Whenever

This COUNT THE BUNNIES contest appeared in newspapers in July of 1957.

ANNA BELLE'S and Jack's Easter Clothes appeared in newspapers in April of 1911.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Finger Puppets with Clothes, 1992

TEDDY BEAR PICNIC by Susan Cage-Knoch, for Vintage Traditions magazine. Mom and I are planning to have a picnic tomorrow in Jacksonville and I hope we have as much fun as these three bears seem to be having.


SUPER BUNNY to the rescue! This coloring contest appeared in newspapers in March and April of 1974. The prize was an 18" SUPER BUNNY stuffed toy from J. C. Penney.


Count the Eggs the Goose will lay, and win . . . This counting contest appeared in newspapers in September of 1927. I believe this is the hardest counting contest so far!!

Mrs. March and Grandfather Laurence

Another paper doll page from the "Little Women" series that ran in Wee Wisdom magazine in the 1930's. Grandfather Laurence, grandfather of Laurie, and Mrs. March (mother of Jo, Meg, Beth and Amy, of course) as drawn by artist Dorothy Wagstaff. Thanks mom.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Alex Wheezer and Betty Birch, 1934

Here is little ALEX WHEEZER and five costumes for him! From the comic strip "Toots and Casper" by Jimmy Murphy. This Alexander Wheezer paper doll is from September 09, 1934.

Here is little BETTY BIRCH with three lovely costumes for her! July 08, 1934.

Doll Cut-Outs by A. W. Nugent, 1937

Dutch and Italian doll cut-outs by A. W. Nugent appeared in newspapers in July of 1937.

Laurie Paper Doll by Dorothy Wagstaff

LAURIE, friend of the March girls, from "Little Women". This paper doll by Dorothy Wagstaff appeared in Wee Wisdom Magazine. Thanks mom.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Waiting To Catch His Plane, 1986

Help KING KONG find five bananas to eat while he's waiting to catch his plane. This HIDDEN PICTURES page appeared in various newspapers in January of 1986. I just really like the image.

Count This Lad's Freckles Contest, 1922

Another Freckles Counting Contest. This one appeared in newspapers in April of 1922.

A Wind In The Willows Cut-Out Doll

From the Disney Channel Magazine. Thanks mom.

JANE ARDEN Paper Dolls, 1939

Jane cooking grits and eggs, from April 30, 1939.
A lovely Jane from March 12, 1939.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Cut-Outs from The Illustrated Robin Hood by CHAD, 1943

Illustrated Classics by CHAD appeared in the Sunday newspaper comics in the 1940's. Cut-Outs always accompanied the stories. The Court Jester and the Forester are from the illustrated version of Robin Hood and appeared in newspapers in August of 1943.

Count the Pins & Needles Contest, 1954

This Count The Pins & Needles counting contest appeared in newspapers in August of 1954. Winners received a New Home Sewing Machine.


These cut-outs appeared in newspapers in April of 1982.

Thursday, March 10, 2011


This counting contest appeared in a Wisconsin newspaper on March 06, 1957. Winners received their choice of Admiral Appliances.

The Promise Of Spring by Juanita Hamel, 1924

HOW fair she is and sweet! Spring with hair as gold as the golden sunshine, eyes as blue as the cloudless skies and breath as fragrant as her many blossoms. How entrancing, how beguiling! And yet she remains tantalizingly, heartlessly elusive! No pleas will draw her forth, no prayers will bring her to us, for she's in a conspiracy with Winter to keep us waiting. A balmy, south wind will blow her into the horizon and then - just when we think we may clasp her to our hearts - Winter will cruelly cover her with a mantle of white. But Spring's smile has been a promise and soon she will be blossoming forth anew.

One-Eye and Three-Eyes Paper Dolls by Addie Woodruff

You've all heard of One-Eye, Two-Eyes, and Three Eyes; Well, this is One-Eye, and my, is she wise! I'm sure she could see with both eyes if she chose; But she thinks she's alluring with her hair to her nose.
This is Three-Eyes, and is she a one! She thinks that to look with your eyes is not done. So a small shiny eye glass she carries about; Though it hinders her vision a lot, without doubt.
These two paper dolls from the Modern Fairy Tale Cutouts series by Addie R. Woodruff appeared in newspapers in 1940.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Marcellino The Clown Cut-Out, 1956

Here is Marcellino himself, with his pet duck named Quacky, and a dog called Barker. This cut-out is from the Junior Circus Cut-Outs that appeared in the Junior Editors column in newspapers in April of 1956.

JO-JO The Clown and His Trained Pig Cut-Out, 1933

Here's JoJo The Clown and his trained pig. This cut-out by A. W. Nugent appeared in newspapers in March of 1933.

Claude The Clown Cut-Out by Dan Rudolph, 1922

CLAUDE The CLOWN Cut-Out from the Dan Rudolph newspaper cut-out series appeared in papers in July of 1922.

Circus Is Coming To Town - Modern Mother Goose Cutouts, 1938

This clown paper doll from the Modern Mother Goose Cutouts series by Addie Roscoe Woodruff appeared in newspapers in January of 1938.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Swiss Boy and Girl Paper Dolls

The Swiss Boy and Girl Paper Dolls appeared in various newspapers on February 26, 1984.

Cut-Outs for Children, February 26, 1911

Friday, March 4, 2011

POLLYKIN and ROY BOY Paper Dolls, 1922

Roy Boy and Pollykin like to play that they are Robin Hood and his henchmen living in the heart of the green forest in Merrie England. These paper dolls appeared in a Montana newspaper on November 26, 1922. I believe that Pollykin and Roy Boy are from the Woodland Tales but I am not positive about that.

Rocking Toy, 1923

WHEN MARCH COMES IN LIKE A LION, SHE GOES OUT LIKE A LAMB. This rocking toy appeared in a Montana newspaper on April 01, 1923. The instructions are hard to read. I can make out paste on cardboard and color with paints or crayons.

MARCH WINDS By Juanita Hamel, 1921

This newspaper illustration by Juanita Hamel appeared in newspapers on March 09, 1921. Love the shoes.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Another illustration from the series of four in the 1975 Chicago Flower and Garden Show Coloring Contest. Swing Into Spring appeared in the newspaper on March 26, 1975.

Life-Like Military Cut-Outs, No. 5 - Belgian

Here is Number 5 - Belgian Army, from the newspaper series, Life-Like Military Cut-Outs. From the Constitution, April 14, 1918. Wigwagging?