Friday, June 3, 2011

Aeroplaning with Alvie, 1917

Aeroplaning With Alvie appeared in a Dallas newspaper on August 05, 1917. "Alvie is a daring aviator, and this is his aeroplane, the Gull. If his heart thumps hard and he is frightened half to death as his great birdlike machine sails above the clouds, Alvie never admits it, because he hopes to be sent across the ocean to France to help win the great war. If the airplane is to be one of your cut-out toys, paste it on to stiff paper before you cut it out. Paint the card to represent the blue sky and fleece white clouds. What do you suppose the tiny birds flying about think of this great gull with its enormous white wings and its loud, whirring noise? The aviator must be pasted on to stiff paper, colored and cut out. Place it in the slot at the top and we are ready for the launching of the great Gull."

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