Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Color John Wayne - 1957

This newspaper coloring contest appeared in a newspaper on February 06, 1957. Winners of the contest received tickets to see the movie "Wings of Eagles" starring John Wayne, Dan Dailey and the lovely Maureen O'Hara. Hollywood could use a few good men like John Wayne instead of the little weasels that seem to inhabit the movie and television industry today.

Flapper Fanny Paper Doll

FLAPPER FANNY'S FALL WARDROBE appeared in newspapers on September 22, 1935.


WHICH MAKES THE BEST SANTA CLAUS? appeared in newspapers on December 09, 1911. The faces are from the comic strip characters that appeared in the paper at that time.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Color Mr. Zesta from 1954

This newspaper coloring contest appeared in papers in March of 1954. Kids had an opportunity to win a Schwinn Bicycle by coloring Mr. Zesta. The sponsor, of course, was Zesta Crackers. I had a great Schwinn 10-speed in the mid-1970's until Bobby borrowed it and then left it in the front yard - and that was the last I saw of my Schwinn.

SOVEREIGN Cigarette Ad - 1913

This ad for SOVEREIGN Cigarettes appeared in newspapers in November of 1913. I thought the image was rather strange.

JILL Is A Perfect Dainty Miss - 1914 Raye Dryer

These paper dolls of Jill, twin sister to Jack, appeared in an Indianapolis newspaper in January of 1914. The paper doll series by Raye Dryer continues with Jack and Jill traveling throughout Europe.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Christmas Fairy For Everybody - 1905

"A Christmas Fairy For Everybody" paper doll is from the Los Angeles Herald newspaper dated December 17, 1905.


The Professor with his packages appeared in the Sunday comics on December 17, 1939. Boots and her winter wardrobe appeared in the Sunday comics on December 18, 1938. My thanks to Edgar Martin.