Wednesday, March 30, 2011

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST from Modern Fairy Tale Cutouts

"The beastie was really a prince in disguise/ Who turned out to be very gentle and wise;/ If you judge other folks in a tolerant way/ You will find that the same thing can happen today." This little beastie paper doll appeared in newspapers in March of 1941.
"The beauty was kind, and her kisses released/ The prince from the spell that had made him a beast;/ In those times a beast was lucky, some ways - But beauties don't bother with beasts nowadays!" This Beauty paper doll appeared in newspapers on March 30, 1941. Modern Fairy Tale Cutouts was a paper doll series by Addie R. Woodruff that ran in many newspapers. Get out your crayons or colored pencils and make Beauty a real beauty.

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