Monday, March 28, 2011

An Easter Greeting Card for You to Color, 1924

"The Easter Greeting Card above which shows the old favorite custom of having a colored egg hunt on Easter morning will be a very nice remembrance for one of your friends if you mount and color it. Cut it out, then paste it on cardboard the same size. When you color press lightly on your crayons so the colors will be dainty. Make the small flowers in the corners pale pink and blue with green stems. Make the ground in the picture green and the sky light blue. The little girl in the fore-ground has a lavender dress. The flowers in her hair should be lavender and yellow. Then color the dress of the little girl in the distance pink. The boy with her should be given a yellow suit. Make the baskets brown and the eggs all sorts of gay colors." This Easter card was designed by Lillian Brown and appeared in newspapers in April of 1924.

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