Thursday, May 24, 2012

Susie and Teddy on Memorial Day

May 27, 1923.  "The border including the space behind the lettering is to be colored dark blue and the lettering is left white, while the space behind the two children is red.  Susie has an armful of beautiful white lilies.  They have yellow stamens and pistils and lovely long green stems and leaves.  Susie wears a light blue dress and a ribbon on her yellow curls to match the dress and socks.  Her shoes are yellow.  Teddy carries red roses that have very dark green leaves.  Teddy's hair is brown and he wears a white middy suit with dark blue collar and cuffs.  His tie is bright red.  Mary Jane has come too.  Susie dressed her in her best pink frock.  Mary Jane has brown hair and a large yellow hat trimmed with pink flowers.  Her shoes are yellow.  Teddy's dog, Bingo, of course, he is yellow, wears a big brown collar.  All have pink cheeks except Bingo, his nose is brown like Teddy's shoes."  From the Susie May coloring series.

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