Thursday, May 24, 2012

Here's A Circus Cut-Out Toy For You

 August 06, 1922.  "It does not need me to tell you what this cutout is.  You can see for yourself that it is a Circus Elephant and a Circus Clown who is putting the big animal thru his tricks.  The trick that is yours to do is to make the Elephant and Clown stand.  This will be easy enough.  You have only to paste the whole picture on thin cardboard.  When the paste is dry cut out the Elephant and the Clown and also the standards for each.  Paste the standards at the backs of the Elephant and the Clown.  This will make them both stand.  Coloring the toy is perhaps the best fun after all.  The Clown would look very gay in a blue suit with orange ruffles at his neck and wrists and a green hat, while Jumbo, the Elephant, would find either red or purple cap and blanket becoming to his gray hide.  Gold stars on a field of blue would make the pedestal bright."                        
August 20, 1922.  "Dear Kiddie Kin Of Mine:  Little, blond Pollykin and her cousins, Roy-Boy, are planning to have a bushel of fun playing circus.  And, thinking that you might like the game, I have devised a cutout circus for you.  Last cut-out was the Funny Clown and Trick Elephant.  The one today, as you can plainly see, is the pretty Bare Back Rider and her Snow White Horse.  Next week there will be another circus feature to cutout and so on until you have a complete cut-out circus all your own.  The Bare Back Rider and her Snow White Horse are easily made to stand.  You have only to paste them on thin cardboard, cut around the outlines of the figures and their standard.  Perch the rider on the horse, paste the standards at the back of the figures and Presto! the toy is complete.  Except for the coloring.  Bright pink cheeks and a lavender gown would become this pretty, blond rider, and I think that the horse should have a pinktint around his eye and on the tip of his nose and ears (mostly all white horses do).  The bow on his forelock should match the rider's dress.  Now, make a circle of dust or sand and place the circus people and animals inside.  You can have them doing their stunts one at a time or all together as we see them in a big three"-ring circus.

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