Friday, May 20, 2011

Laura Brock Paper Dolls, 1933

" Amanda is having the time of her young life, having slipped away to the attic, and gotten into a trunkful of her mother's old clothes. The dress may be a foot too long, even with its funny looking bustle; the shoes four sizes too big, and the hat equal to six hats of modern style, but Amanda doesn't care. She's playing "grown up" even if she is thirty years out of style." This Amanda paper doll by Laura R. Brock appeared in newspapers on August 06, 1933.

"MARY AND HER LITTLE LAMB. It followed her to school one day and in the picture you see Mary standing before the teacher explaining that everywhere she goes this little lamb is sure to follow. The teacher said it was against the rules, and Mary is almost in tears. Mary is shown wearing the ruffled pantaloons that little girls wore long, long ago." Mary and Her Little Lamb paper doll by Laura R. Brock, from September 10, 1933.

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