Wednesday, May 4, 2011

BLESS THE BEASTS . . . and the Children

"Here is Natalie. Color her hair brown, and her face and hands pink. The school dress is green and white, and she wears green half hose with brown slippers. Cut her out and mount her on light weight cardboard. You'll hardly recognize her tomorrow." Natalie is from the Betty Cut-Out series, October 15, 1923."She's a bird!" shouted Billy Cut-Out, coming into the house to see Betty fashioning a paper costume for Natalie, who sat watching.

"I hope it's a bird." retorted Betty, "This is supposed to be an owl!" "It has wise old eyes and everything." admired Billy. "With a few flying lessons, Natalie, you could live in a tree the rest of your life." - October 19, 1923.

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