Friday, September 28, 2012

Cut-Out Toys for Kiddies Young and Old

 September 12, 1909.  THE CLOWN TOY.  Directions:  Cut out objects.  Fold and paste cart.  Paste top half of goose together, also top half of clown.  Place clown in slit  in seat.  Use a string for lines.
September 05, 1909.  GOAT WAGON TOY.  Cut out objects.  Paste boy together, also girl.  Fold wagon to shape and paste sides together.  Cut slits at A and B for boy and girl.  Paste top part of goat together and paste shafts to wagon.  Fasten spools by means of matches as shown in this drawing.  (Please do not use matches!!) - - - - I had posted a copy of this toy before but this one is much cleaner.

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