Saturday, October 15, 2011

Fun With Witches!

A truly wicked witch - Margaret Hamilton in THE WIZARD OF OZ. This is one of several images from a coloring contest that appeared in newspapers in August and September of 1939.

A witch paper doll by Nancy Lawler, age 13, a member of the Aunt Elsie Club. From October 26, 1958.

Help Rose pick a costume for Halloween. A paper doll by Ramona Robertson, age 13, an Aunt Elsie club member. From October 31, 1943.

THE WIZARD OF OZ coloring contest from May 07, 1992.

"Well, Halloween is near again and the Doll family is going to give a big party. Beth, as one of the newer members, is going to attend as a witch. She will certainly be a sweet-looking witch, won't she? I'll bet she'll have a hard time scaring anybody at the party." BETH, a paper doll by Laura Brock. From October 29, 1933.

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