Tuesday, April 26, 2011

BLESS THE BEAST . . . The Czar of Russia

From the "Betty Cut-Out" series, November 08, 1923. - Billy Cut-Out was the explainer at the Cut-out Community Poultry show. "Now speaking of fancy birds," he announced to the group of school children he was taking around, "the Czar of Russia has won as many medals as the monarch for whom he was named. At present he is a little lame, for he was in an altercation (that means a fight) with the turkey gobbler at the end of the row. He parts his gorgeous head feathers in the middle, and he is able to crow exactly on the hour by the watch in his waistcoat pocket." * * * Coloring the czar is a test of your ability as an artist. Make his feet and beak yellow and his wattles red, leaving the shaggy comb white. His breast is bluish gray blending into black and green on the back and tail. His waistcoat is orange, his tie purple. Look for trouble tomorrow in the Cut-out show!

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