Friday, February 4, 2011

AW, HAVE A HEART by Ethel Hays, 1927

HEARTS - HEARTS - HEARTS' Just Try To Count Them' One-Two-Three-Half A Dozen-and there's another and another: How many hearts can you find in this Valentine done so beautifully by Ethel Hays, the Sheboygan Press artist? You will find a list of all the hearts in this picture on another page: Do not count the word "heart" in your count, but only the hearts drawn in this picture.
Ethel Hays, the clever girl artist of the Sheboygan Press had 20 hearts in her beautiful drawing which appears on the Society Page today. Here is the way she counts them:
This drawing by Ethel Hays, known for her illustrations and comic strip paper dolls, appeared in the Sheboygan Press on February 14, 1927.

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