Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Fold A-Way Doll, 1919

The School Teacher Fold A-Way Doll appeared in The Chicago Herald on September 07, 1919. It was one of a series of Fold A-Way Dolls that appeared in the Herald.

This ad for HAFFNER'S STAR BAKERY appeared in an Indiana newspaper in November of 1919. "It's great fun to color and cut out these Fold-Away Toys - fun making them - fun playing with them when they are made. The complete set consists of one doll and eight soldier suits and hats of our hero boys and the soldier suits of our brave allies. You can change BILLY from one uniform to another as you like. All you have to do to get a complete set of these dandy Colortoys is to ask mother to order a loaf of Haffner's Big-Tayto Loaf Bread every day from her grocer. She'll be pleased with this splendid bread, that is 15 cents a loaf at all dealers, and you'll have the toys to play with."

BILLY, the little patriot. COLOR FIRST - Hair yellow - face, arms and neck light pink; shoes brown, leave underwear white. BEFORE CUTTING OUT A TOY crease or score the dotted lines to get the best results.

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