Friday, February 26, 2010

"Rio Grande" Movie Coloring Contest

This newspaper coloring contest offered children a chance to win a ticket to see the movie "Rio Grande" starring John Wayne, Maureen O'Hara, Ben Johnson, Harry Carey,Jr. and lots of other good people. The movie was directed by John Ford and was the third in his cavalry trilogy.


Junebug101 said...

Thanks so much for publishing this. I do the official Maureen O'Hara website and I know my visitors would love to know about this little piece of history. I'm going to call Maureen this morning and tell her about it. Do you know of any paper dolls on Maureen O'Hara/

Lucy said...

Hi Junebug101, I hope you enjoy the coloring contest for "The Parent Trap". I will try to see if I have anything else connected with the beautiful Maureen O'Hara. My favorite movie with Maureen O'Hara is The Quiet Man. Lucy

Junebug101 said...

Thanks so much Lucy. Appreciate your help. These belong in her museum that is being built in Ireland and scheduled to open in 2011. This one printed out really nicely. I just love it when I get a find like this (thanks to great people like yourself). If you have a minute, email me at