Monday, July 20, 2009

DUMB DORA Paper Doll

And Here Comes Dora Bell! This Dumb Dora paper doll is dated April 25, 1935. The comic strip Dumb Dora, subtitled "She's Not So Dumb As She Looks", was created by Chic Young in 1924. Dora was a college student with a long roster of male suitors. Dora was actually quite smart and was always out-witting her boyfriends, leaving them to exclaim "She ain't so dumb!". Chic Young lost interest in the comic strip (he had Blondie on his mind) and Dumb Dora fell into the hands of other artists. Bil Dwyer took on the strip in the 1930's and Dumb Dora came to a conclusion in 1935.

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